Under the direction of Dr. med. Ulrich Pachmann, the TZB (Transfusion Center Bayreuth) was formed in the year 2000 with the Dr. Pachmann Laboratory, Dr. Pachmann's private practice and simfo Spezielle Immunologie Forschung + Entwicklung GmbH.

Dr. med. Pachmann, specialist in transfusion medicine and principal investigator, and his wife, Prof. Dr. med. Katharina Pachmann MD (Karol Inst Stockholm) and Professor of haematology and oncology have brought their experience and knowledge into the Transfusion Medicine Center. They have developed in vitro procedures to determine the number of circulating tumour cells and to determine the relevant thrombosis risk as decision-making tools for the doctor. Over the course of time, these procedures have been steadily developed further, refined and brought to the highest level currently in terms of quality

simfo GmbH is a research and development facility that has achieved the top levels of expertise in personalised medicine. It focuses particularly on the development of innovative analysis methods in oncological diagnostics in order to optimise patient-specific therapy.

simfo GmbH supports foreign customers and collaborative partners. Blood samples from more than 40 countries around the world have now been sent in to the Transfusion Medicine Center in Bayreuth. As a medical service provider, TZB works on behalf of patients, doctors and medical professionals, clinicians, laboratories from any area of specialisation and pharmaceutical companies.

In January 2016, simfo GmbH acquired new premises including its own BSL 2 laboratory at Kurpromenade 2, Bayreuth. Here, interested companies will find a team of scientists, doctors and health economists who work closely in cooperation with universities and undertake projects in conjunction with private companies. Situated among healing thermal springs and a golf club, simfo GmbH also provides a platform for lectures and conferences at the Transfusion Medicine Center Bayreuth.

simfo is working to continuously improve methods in the interests of your customers and patients.

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